Summing Large Numbers

Hello All,

I am having some issues summing large numbers with the pivot and groupby nodes.  I have read the threads here and tried converting to "long" format with the column rename node, but to no avail.

Are there any other methods I can use?  These numbers are in the hundreds of millions, so really not all that large and I can see having to deal with trillions at some point.

Thanks, as always, for the help!


Hi Mark, 

Try a toLong(<column name>) in the string manipulation node for now.  Ideally this should be done through the string to number node, but this isn't implemented yet (though it may be by the time I finish writing this).   We'll try to get this added to the upcoming 2.8 release. In general, hopefully we can wean ourselves from using the column rename node for this. 





Excellent!  Worked without error.  The numbers are being reviewed now, so I will post anything further if it somehow dropped values along the way.

Thanks for your help with this, truly - 

Long support added to the String to Number node in KNIME Desltop v2.8