Supervised Classification of jpeg format file


For capstone project, i am working on Supervised Classification of JPEG file in R. Struggling little bit on R Studio.

So, Please suggest If its possible in KNIME or not. If yes, please suggest the processor and the extension which required to download separately.

I feel goood to be on KNIME as its a open source tool and easy to use for statistics & analytics.

Hope for the best solution from KNIME community.





Hi Rotesh,

Welcome to our forum. Of course you can read in JPEG images into KNIME and also classify them. However, exact methods to use (e.g. which features to extract, whether to use deep learning or not, etc) heavily depends on your images. Can you explain your use-case in a bit more detail? Ideally, you could also post some example images. This makes it easier for us to help :-)

Have a great week,