Support for switching filepath environments

I use Knime on several computers which access a common set of data via Dropbox. My Knime home folder is itself on Dropbox, so there is no problem accessing the workflows on all machines. However, the data files are in folders outside the home folder. So when I switch computers, I need to update the paths in my File Reader nodes before anythinig will run.

My question is whether there is any shortcut for dealing with this situation, other than putting all of my data in the workspace folder. I tried making separate lists of variables for the most commonly used files in each file system, with the hope of feeding these to the File Reader nodes (i.e. I could pick the appropriate list of file paths depending on which environment I was operating in), but this turned out to be tricky, if not impossible, due to the way the File Reader works.

Is there any other solution?


Sounds like the easiest way is indeed storing the data in the dropbox or a common/global database.

But also using flow variables (and changing them accordingly) should work. You can control the file reader's location by a variable. And if the file content doesn't change that should work (and from what you say I suppose the content doesn't change). If your file content changes then the CSV reader is the better choice.

I have no other solution, sorry. If you provide more details we can see why it doesn't work - because it should.


 - Peter.