SVG cells in report?

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Is there a way to get SVG cells to render in a report? Do I render to PNG first? All I see is a byte stream....

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Yes, the Data to Report and Image to Report Nodes now contain an "Export Image As" option which allows you to select SVG. SVG is currently in a development stage and is supported in BIRT only with few modifications to the report. You can find the necessary steps in the node description of those two nodes.


I have tried to follow the Data to Report node's description (attached the workflow, KNIME Report designer 2.7.0). Did I make a mistake following the instructions?

(In the result I can see the image, but not in the preview.)

Thanks, gabor

Hi guys,

I'm trying to include SVG cells in reports. I followed all the instruction contained in the Data to Report node, supposedly without problems. Anyway the images are not rendered not in preview nor in PDF exports. Instead of the image I can see the following sentence:

Current report item is not supported in this report format

Any help would be appreciated,


Hi again,

I solved the problem. Shame on me, I was introducing the "image/svg+xml" expression without quotes. This was why it didn't work. Now it's OK.


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