SVG import?

Hey folks,

is there any way to import a SVG file into KNIME like it is possible with a PNG oder JPEG file? I have tried the Image Reader node from the KNIP but it doesn't work...

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This is actually not very easy (possible?!) to do with KNIME at the moment. I've logged a feature request for this so hopefully it will be added in one of the next releases.

Regards, Aaron


it's not trivial but it can be done: svg are xml files so, technically, you can open them with the XML Reader node and use Xpath to extract the info you're looking for.

I am attaching a workflow that takes a simple map (attached as well), colors the countries with random colors and then saves an updated map

more complex maps can be a pain with this approach, though 

I think we may have the ability to read and type SVG data soon. Stay tuned.


Thank you for your reply, the workflow you attached looks great!

@Aaron Hart:

I would really appreciate that, because I have to embed some bad ass R made (ggplot2) plots into a BIRT report! :-D