SVM and Naive Bayes nodes mathematical equations

Dear Friends,

I would like to know the exact mathematical equations used by KNIME to run Naïve Bayes and SVM nodes. More specifically, I am interested to know how the parameters are used in calculating the outcome of these algorithms.

I read the associated node descriptions along with the cited papers, however, no specific details have been geiven on how KNIME nodes acutlly use these parameters in the calculations.


  • Naïve Byes has one parameter: Probability
  • (SVM) Polynomial (has three parameters)
    • Power
    • Bias
    • Gama
  • (SVM) HyperTangent (has two parameters)
    • Kappa
    • Delta
  • (SVM)  RBF (has one parameter)
    • Sigma

I appreciate any help or suggestions. Have a great day. Hussam

Hello hghunaim,

The KNIME Analytics Platform is Open Source, so you can check out the sourcecode of the nodes and learn how they are used.

For the RBF e.g. it is e to the power of the negated sum over the squared differences between the two vectors, divided by two, by sigma, again by sigma:  (No warranty)