SVM ... & pHMM

I'm a newbie at knime. i tried to build an svm predictor with the nodes
SVMlearner and predictor... but obviously my input data format ist
incorrect. i always get the following error report:
WARN SVM Learner Input DataTable does not contain one single
valid column.

so pls help me ;)
how do i have to format my dataset?

!!!thank u for your help!!!


one more question:

is it possible to create profileHiddenMarkovModells (pHMM) like at the pHMMer-tool?

It looks like that your data does not contain any numeric columns, indicated by a "D" for double or "I" for integer in the column header. I am not aware of any HMM implementionen in KNIME.

thank you gabriel... you are right, my dataset was wrong ;)