switch for nodes not running


I have a workflow that creates a rule to build a variable location, taking a folder corresponding to the current day, but sometimes the location may not exist, because on that day there are no files, so nobody created the folder. so I need a way to have two paths, one if the folder exists, so that the workflow continues its normal execution, and another if the folder does not exist, and the list files node cannot be executed.

Isn’t there a switch type for nodes that don’t run, something like Empty Table Switch node works but for nodes that can’t run?

I need this to be able to build another way, to send me notifications in case the folder does not exist.

Hi there @daviddelos,

Don’t think so. But I would try following approach. Once you construct your location use String to URI followed by File Meta Info node. If folder exists latter node will have value true in Exists column otherwise it will have false. Based on that value build further your logic with Switch nodes. For it to work both nodes must not fail if folder (file in node configuration) does not exists. Alternatively you can only use String to URI inside a Try/Catch construct if you check option Fail if file does not exist.

If any questions feel free to ask.


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