Switch Hub accounts

When I try to connect to my KNIME Hub account, it logs me in automatically with a default account username and password. Usually, this is fine and convenient. Sometimes, I want the log-in dialog box, however, so I can connect to other than the default account (I have several). I want to connect to the same account on two different computers where KNIME is loaded to share workflows. Both KNIME installations have different Hub default accounts. I can’t figure out how to sign onto both KNIME instances with the same username and password…
How do I do this?


As I understand it you are trying to switch accounts for the KNIME Hub ‘My-KNIME-Hub’ Mountpoint in the KNIME Analytics Platform.

This should be possible if you use the log out functionality of the KNIME Hub in the browser. Note that this will also sign you out of the KNIME Forum and Website.

We added a ticket to make this log out also possible directly from the KNIME Analytics Platform.


How do I use the logout functionality? The only option I see is “Disconnect”, and when I do that, and try to reconnect, it puts me in the same default account again.

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