Switch if a node execution failed

Dear KNIME Community,

I saw there are few topics on this issue, but I don’t understand yet if there is a solution for my specific problem.
I’m trying to write on a DB table the end date and other info about the workflow, but there are a lot of different cases (different workflows) to which I would like to apply the components (this is just an example):


The goal would be to trigger the workflow end component from the last node of the workflow, even if that or a previous node fail.


I am able to do so in case of an empty table, but what if a node fails ? How to trigger the Workflow_End component (which should write on the DB what time the node executed or failed) ?
Unfortunately, there are sensible data and so I cannot share the workflow, but if necessary I can modify it with an example.
Many thanks !

have you already taken a look at the try catch nodes?

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Hi @Daniel_Weikert , and thank you for your suggestion.

I have tried but I don’t understand how it can solve my problem :

I need something to trigger the Workflow_End component (which should run at the end or when a error occurs), whatever and wherever the error occurs along the workflow.

If I’m not wrong, try/catch error seem to be more useful when using connectors or inside a loop …

Hi I assumed your workflow below is inside your component and you can then use try catch with activate branch inverter node to trigger the worklow end (so excecute your component) even if it fails along the way
maybe I misunderstood.

@Daniel_Weikert @Fra_S3k_knime , be advised that the Try Catch will only catch errors.

I know that the title mentions if execution failed, but based on the screenshots provided by @Fra_S3k_knime , these do not look like “failed” per se.

There’s a difference between failed and empty table.

What do you call “failed” in your case @Fra_S3k_knime ?


Good catch @bruno29a
I was focused on the headline instead of the screen

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