Switches to control reader nodes

I’m trying to do something similar. I have File/Folder nodes that take an ENOURMOUS amount of time to execute. I want to execute them only if absolutely necessary. At other times, my workflow works from a list read from SQL. I can’t seem to find a way to put them in an inactive branch though, because they have no data entry ports. I can’t find a way to ‘trigger’ orange input nodes.

Hi @sagar_ap -

I moved your question to a new topic, since the other one was quite old.

I think in this case you want to make use of either the CASE Switch Start (KNIME Native) or Configurable IF/CASE Switch (from the very cool @Vernalis extension). Both nodes support the use of flow variables to direct the logic in your workflow.

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Actually, I mamaged a workaround. I used the folder reader inside a component with a dummy input coming from the IF statement so that it isn’t executed if it is in the inactive branch. Thanks anyway.

Great! There’s almost always more than one approach to tackle a problem a like this in KNIME. :slight_smile:

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