Switching VPN on the way

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I have the VPN program Surfshark, but sometimes the VPN connection fails and ruins all my work when I am doing a looping. I wonder whether there is a node or a way that KNIME can control or restart my VPN program or at least renew the VPN connection if it fails while continuing the loop.

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Hi @VAGR_ISK , I would not think so. Just like if your internet breaks, Knime can’t really control or restart your internet connection.

The longer you need a connection (be it internet, vpn, etc), the more you run in the risk of losing connection, so that’s why you want to try to reduce the connection time.

Do you need to run your loop over the connection? Or could you not retrieve the whole data and then loop through the already retrieved data?


Could you provide us with more details about your setup? Where is knime running and what is done via vpn connection? If knime is Running at the other end of the VPN connection question would be if it is a configuration issue at the other end. Closing down when the connection is lost. If the data is sent over via vpn from a database or so thing you might try a Try-Catch construct to ‚heal‘ mistakes.

But in general it is never a good thing if very basic things are not working like a hard drive or something similar.



Yes, the process is running through the VPN. It is possible that there is a problem at the other end of the VPN. The process just stops and the information is not retrived. I guess I will have to talk to the IT guys to see if they improve the stability of the VPN.

Thanks anyway.

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Hi @VAGR_ISK , can you explain a bit what you are doing inside the loop? Are you doing any processing/manipulation? How do you know that it’s the VPN that is not stable, and not that the db connection simply “expires” because the processing/manipulation takes to long to run before the next iteration/read of the data?

Again, if you are doing any processing inside the loop, it might not be a good idea to do so over a connection.


Hi @bruno29a ,

The database was actually blocking me because of security reasons. I talked to IT. They solved. Thanks for the feedback anyway.

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