Synthesize XLS formatter results

Good Morning,

I have the following flow, and I used XLS continental nodes for some formatting. However, is there a way to synthesize the various formatting steps into a final Excel?
Any Help would be appreciated!

Hi @cyimtchi , welcome to the KNIME community.

You can bring them all together with the XLS Format Merger node which then passes to a single XLS Formatter apply node.

I’m trying to picture what each of your branches is doing and the purpose of the various control table generators.

Where you have two formatter nodes coming from the same Control Table Generator, you should be able to chain those two nodes so for example the output green port of the XLS Border Formatter could flow to the input green port of the XLS Cell Formatter instead of a separate XLS Formatter Apply node. If you then take the output of the XLS Cell Formatter and the XLS Font Formatter and join them with an XLS Format Merger, you can then send that to a single XLS Formatter Apply node.


Thank you so much for your help, it worked!


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