Tab name in CSV Writer Node

Hello fellow Knimers,

I do have huge workflow which creates a lot of xls files (which is quite slow) and those are then read into a VBA based excel tool.
I am now in the process of replacing the xls writers with csv writers as those are much faster.

Unfortunately, the xls writer created all the files with tabs named “default”, to which I also refer in my VBA tool.
The csv writer creates tab names which are the same as the file name, so now I would have to change the whole VBA code for that.

TL;DR: is it possible to define the tab name inside the csv writer nodes?

Hi @Phil_B,
Are the file names important to the VBA based tool?. If I understood correctly and if the file names are not important, can you change the names of the files to default while saving them via CSV Writer so that even the tabs get that name.


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Hi there @Phil_B,

Nop. To my knowledge there are no tabs in csv files so CSV Writer node is not aware of it. I would guess Excel names tab according to csv file name.


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Unfortunately, the file names are important, so I can distinguish between all the different data sources.

Alright, as is this to be impossible, I will start renaming the sheets in my VBA macro.

Nevertheless, thanks to both of you for replying !

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