Table caching

In previous versions of KNIME there were three options in the “Memory policy” tab of most nodes:

Keep all in memory
Keep only small tables in memory
Write tables to disk

Since version 4(?), there are only two options:

Cache tables in memory
Write tables to disk

There seems to have been some change in how tables are cached. How is the caching now different? And are there any parameters for influencing this (e.g. for setting a size limit on the tables that kept in memory)?

Hi there @christoffer_swanstroem,

you are right. With version 4 certain changes have been implemented to improve performance:

Regarding table caching check this documentation section:

and regarding configuration options in knime.ini see here:

To compare it with memory policy in previus version see this blog post:

Also in certain topics there changes were discussed so you can try searching forum if you want to know more.

Hope this helps!



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