"Table Column to Variable" node NOT available from extension “Knime Core”

My workflow worked well for months , but yesterday the workflow ran with error on KNIME Server (4.8.2 version server newly installed), Error message are:

ERROR Call Workflow (Table Based) 0:44:50: Execute failed: Errors loading workflow ‘WF_103_Output_Sonar’: Status: Error: WF_103_Output_Sonar 4 loaded with errors
Status: Error: WF_103_Output_Sonar 4
Status: Error: Sub Workflow 4:451
Status: Error: Node “Table Column to Variable” not available from extension “KNIME Core” (provided by “KNIME AG, Zurich, Switzerland”; plugin “org.knime.base” is installed)
ERROR Parallel Chunk End 0:33: Execute failed: Not all chunks finished - check individual chunk branches for details.

Today, the error is not appeared…
How can I take action to prevent a recurrence?

BTW: The workflow works in the product environment, So I can NOT reinstall KNIME Server without sufficient reason.

Thanks in advance.

Is there any chance you created/modified this workflow in a KNIME Analytics Platform 4.1.0 client? Because in that case, it will contain a version of the Table Column to Variable node that is not yet available in your 4.8 Server.

Solution: Edit your workflow in a KNIME AP 3.7.x, as this version corresponds to your current KNIME Server.


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Hi @RolandBurger

Thanks for your answer.

I created the workflow by using KNIME AP 3.7.2 , not KNIME AP 4.x.x.

The Production(Development) environment is :
KNIME Analytics Platform 3.7.2(newly installed)
KNIME Server 4.8.2 version server (newly installed)

The error is appeared the day before yesterday , but is not appeared yesterday and today.
Customer asked us to find the reason and take action to prevent a recurrence.


Hi Ryu,

Only way to see what actually went wrong is to look at the logs. Can you please send them to me via private message?

Generally speaking, this error should not occur if versions are matching. There is no way that the executor can’t have the Table Column to Variable node installed, as this is part of the KNIME Core extension, which is always present.


Hi @RolandBurger .

The error is appeared at 2020-01-13, work well on another day.
Logs file is uploaded.
Thanks in advance.

Hi @laughsmile,

file removed.


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