Table copy

Hi All, If there is a way to have a copy of a table and use that at different stages within a workflow. The problem I am facing is I need to go back to my original table in the workflow, to access the data and it gets very complex, when one is working with multiple table.

Ideally, I am looking for a solution/node which holds the copy of the table, and I would just use that standalone node within the workflow.


There is no need to make copies of the original data.
The node for reading the external data holds the original data (Excel reader for example) if you need this data you can connect this node and the second one in the workflow where you want.

Something like this


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There is no such possibility for now but maybe idea from this topic can help:

Additionally you can select both nodes and use Control + L to connect them. Zooming out can help to faster find nodes.


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