Table Creation Mode

This workflow explains the different Table Creation Modes of the KNIME Image Processing extension. The differences are explained an Inverter Node. The corresponding option can be found in the 'Column Selection' tab of the configuration dialog, which holds for all KNIME Image Processing nodes. There are three different options: 1. New Table This option discards the incoming table and creates an entirely new one that only contains the computed output. 2. Append This option appends the computed output to the input table. The name of the appended columns is composed of the original column name and a specified suffix. 3. Replace This option replaces the column(s) in the input table with the computed output. Prerequisites: In order to understand this tutorial we suggest that you also look at the following additional workflow(s). You can find the other workflow(s) on KNIME Hub (see link(s) below): - 01_Image_Reader - 02_Basic_Views

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