table creator controled by multiple variables

Hello, I try to build a table with the table creator node. One column is controlled by three variables. I like to put them in like in this reference:

but in my version the value is not differenciated. How can I achieve this?


Hi @wbart -

We recently introduced array support for some types of flow variables. In your second screenshot, that’s what the s() icon in front values indicates. Take a look a this topic and suggested solution by @armingrudd:


Hi ScottF,
Thanks for the answer. I hope to get an advice how to get the selectin menue in the table creator node. Why is one time in Flow Variables under values a config tree and another time not?

Prior to the introduction of the string array flow variables, you had to set each string flow variable individually - that’s why it’s in a nested tree. With the new string array type, you can include all the options at once in a single variable, as shown in the example.

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There is no way to do it the old way? Is the feature of config tree eliminated in newer Knime version?

I think (but can’t immediately confirm) if you loaded your old workflow in the latest version of KNIME, you’d be using the deprecated version of the Table Creator, which would present the older interface.

But at any rate you can still use the new Table Creator, so long as you convert to a string array flow variable as shown in the examples above.

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This approach won’t function in my case. I have a merge vriable node in front and I want to put three of this variables in a table.

Now I found a solution by collecting the variables in a variable to Row node and than transform them.


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