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I have a workflow where I need to create a table and run it as a loop. Therefore, I created the table with “Table creator” and add what I want to have in the upper part of the table, I have to take the column as a String. When I concatenate my excel sheet with the table, the columns are neither string nor numeric, which I change with “Column rename” and then “String to Number”. Nonetheless, when I use “String to Number” all of the upper part of my table gets deleted (an example of the workflow is attached).
Thank you for the help in advance!
KNIME_Question.knwf (13.7 KB)KNIME_Question.xlsx (9.0 KB)

It’s unclear to me what you are expecting. You told KNIME to look at the 2 columns and convert strings to numbers. There are 7 cells where this cannot be done because the values cannot be numbers.

The description for the String To Number node explains what happens in those cases:

Converts strings in a column (or a set of columns) to numbers. If the node fails to parse a string, it will generate a missing cell and append a warning message to the KNIME Console with detailed information.

More generally, I tend to see these kinds of issues when users approach KNIME as if it’s Excel. For example, In Excel, users tend to create multiple rows of column headings because it’s easier for a human to parse. In KNIME this is pointless and will severely limit any future manipulation you’d like to do. A KNIME table is not a spreadsheet.

A better approach would be to restructure your table so each row is a complete record and contains all the relevant data in unique columns. Then you can have 1 set of meaningful column headers which you can then use for future manipulation.

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