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Hello, we are using the Table Editor in a guided analytics application where users select rows corresponding to fields which they would like to retain for a next step. In addition, it is convenient at this point to ask the users to flag specific rows for other reasons (for later application in a filter and to set a target variable for example). Currently it seems that it is only possible to have one column to indicate selections (single or multiple). As the selection only produces an additional boolean column (Selected (Paged Table View)), would it be/is it possible to include more selection columns with different naming which could then be used downstream ? Currently we work around asking users to enter a number in added editable columns but this is rather inelegant and bothersome… Maybe someone has solved this but I don’t find anything via search so far. Best regard, Steve.


Hello Steve

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Unfortunately it is at the moment not possible to have multiple selections in the Table Editor. I like your idea though and will forward it to our developers.

My first idea was a similar workaround like yours. Another idea that came to my mind is to use multiple Table Editors next to each other to get the following view. Could this work in your application?

Workflow on KNIME Hub: Table Editor with additional selection column – KNIME Hub



Thanks, I’ll try that suggestion in dev version to see if users like it better… Maybe with some CSS intervention to tidy things it could work out OK. Thanks for the welcome also, I did have an account on the original forum with some posts but seemed unable to resurrect that - somehow could get past the Captcha test to reset my password; only the grid appeared with no ‘verify’ control… Perhaps my browser being difficult ; )

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