Table editor - All rows selected option


I am using a table editor node to let the user choose which rows to keep and which should be excluded.
By default, table editor leaves all rows unselected; if you encapsulate it in a component and use a row filter for false rows, the component will show an error.

My suggestion is to include a new option inside the node to let the user decide whether all rows should be selected or unselected for its first use.

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Hi @lelloba,

thanks for the feedback! I like the idea and will create a ticket for that.

To solve this issue with the error message you might want to use an empty table switch after the row filter node and maybe the re-execution / refresh functionality to update the view once some rows are selected.



Thank you for the workaround @Kathrin , I will give it a try!

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I agree that having the option of having all records selected by default would be useful.

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