Table Editor - multiple selection (default setting)

Using the node “Table Editor”, (interactivity; multiple selection), when the user is prompted to edit in the web app, I want the default to be variable as some lines selected and some line not selected.

For example:

A - selected (true)
B - selected (true)
C - NOT selected (false)
D - selected (true)
E - NOT selected (false)

Thanks in advance.

Dear @Rokank,

Did I get it right that you want to use a Boolean column in the table to define whether or not a row is displayed selected?

Can you please describe the use case in more details preferably with screenshots?


That is correct.

I want to apply a Boolean column to the “table editor” node so the lines are pre selected:

When the user is prompted to select, it appears as below:

I tried converting the Boolean column as a list, however I was unable to find an option to apply as a flow variable in the Table Editor.

Please advise,

Hi Rokank,

Currently it is not possible to determine the selection of columns using a boolean column that can be set in the configuration. There is an existing feature request by other customers to have this feature added . The ticket number is AP-15139, for internal reference only.

I would add a +1 for you in the request. Assuming your organization is a KNIME Server customer, it would help if you let us know the name of your organization by sending a short email to That way we can prioritize accordingly.


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