Table from KNIME output port to DB

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Probabily a very simple question, but I am terribly stuck!
I have created a table with the Table Creator node and did several processing steps with KNIME nodes (string manipulation, ngrams, etc). Now, I would to start with the node Create Local Big Data Environment, and use the final outputed table as input to DB Table Creator and DB Loader.
Can I use some kind of bridging node? Since by connecting it directly, it doesn’t work. Another option seems finding a way to get the outputed table into a Table Creator node. Since, with a toy example in the Table Creator node, everything works fine!
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Thank you!

@Maike with the big data environment you would first need to create the table and then fill it.min order to do this you need a path where the node can upload the data. This example illustrates how it could be done

Some more advanced examples are here:

In general you might benefit from this school of hive if you want a deeper insight into big data operations

Please also note the links at the bottom


I am not sure why, but I changed the DB type of the DB Loader, and everything works great now!
Anyhow, @mlauber71, many thanks for your fast and elaborate answer!

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