Table Manipulation


I’m trying to work with looping nodes but it’s new for me and I’m founding more dificulties than I imagined on it (LOL)

I have this table to put into my Knime Workflow:

Water Coke Tea
Pizza 1 5 6
Pasta 4 9 8
Chili 8 3 7
Chicken 5 6 4

and make a result like this:

Water&Pizza 1
Water&Pasta 4
Water&Chili 8
Water&Chicken 5
Coke&Pizza 5
Coke&Pasta 9
Coke&Chili 3
Coke&Chicken 6
Tea&Pizza 6
Tea&Pasta 8
Tea&Chili 7
Tea&Chicken 4

Is there any routine in Knime to do it easily?

Thanks in advance



@izaychik63 is totally right! And here is a workflow that solves your particular problem and maps your input to your output. Note, most of the nodes are not necessary but just to column ordering and renaming.

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