Table Reader Error on Binary Classification Inspector Workflow

When I Execute the new example workflow for “Binary Classification Inspector,” I get “Unable to read spec from file” error on the Table Reader node. Workflow seems to have all of the nodes and extensions. The file is also properly connected to the Table Reader. Any insight as to what I am missing here? Am I missing a hidden data type related extension?

Hi can you please link the workflow on the hub you are referring to?
If it is Guided Automation ( please download the entire workflow group.
Open the KNIME Analytics Platform and on the Example Server go to:
Then download the entire folder in your LOCAL.
Then open and try again to execute the main workflow.

This workflow is quite complex cause it is in the end a web application for autoML.

If you only want to check out the new node view use this workflow instead:


Hi @dursundelen ,

sorry for your inconveniences. I assume you are refering to our example workflow 13_Binary_Classification_Inspector. Could you please make sure that you have the RDKit extension installed?


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Installing the RDKit extension fixed the problem. Thank you!

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