Table Reader Node with "Files in folder" option : doesn't have the same résults with a loop

Hi all,

As part of our workflows migration from version 4.2.3 to 4.5.2 and KNIME Server migration from version 4.11 to 4.14, we wanted to change our way of reading several “.table” files (which contain one string column and one JSON column).
Instead of using a loop (Table row to Variable loop), we wanted to use Table Reader node with the new option (“Files in folder”). But that does not give the same result.

The result obtained with Table Reader is wrong.

We made the following workflow to reproduce the bug :
Bug_Table_Reader_v4.5.knwf (126.6 KB)

Can you please take a look at this ?

Many thanks in advance,


Hello Caroline,
thanks for reporting this problem and providing the workflow to reproduce it. The workflow did help us a lot to find the problem which is related to the handling of JSON cells and other BlobCell types (e.g. cells with potentially large content).
I have created a ticket (internal reference AP-19046) for this problem. We will fix it with the next feature release (version 4.6.0) and also bug fix release (version 4.5.3). The feature release is planned for mid of June. I do not have a date for the bug fix release yet but will updated this post as soon as I know more.


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