Table Reader: Unable to change Column Type from non-native

Hi @mwiegand , I enjoy your posts as you do like getting down and dirty with the fun stuff! :wink:

That’s actually quite horrible isn’t it, lol

Your sample file though gave me a chance to try out a component I wrote a while ago, to see if it can help out in this kind of situation, as I have also in the past found that the auto type casting can only go so far without “help”.

In this demo, it eases the pain a little by succeeding in casting all columns to String, whereupon a further call to Column Auto Type Cast is able to move things on a little, at least as far as the numeric columns are concerned. (But not the booleans, dates etc)

For anyone interested, the component can be found here:

I see that this also links in with your other feedback re Column Auto Type Cast node.

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