Table Row to Variable - Challenge


I have two tables. 1 database that I’ve narrowed down to 304000 unique rows of information. I only need to pull a column from another table based on those 304000 unique rows and append that data to those 304000 unique rows.

I’ve tried utilizing Table Row to Variable and I cannot quite seem to make it work correctly because when I query the database I get tens of millions and millions of records so it’s not only pulling data the 304000 records.

Attached is a screenshot of my workflow.

The workflow screenshot only focuses on extracting the data out of the 2nd table.

Any help would be appreciated.



How about after the upper Group by you join the 304000 lines with the ones from the lower part (with the one column). If you use an inner join only those who match will remain, if you choose left join you will attach the values that would match.

If the lower part contains more than one line per matching ID your no of lines will multiply so perhaps make sure they are unique.

And sometimes if you have a really huge amount of data some missing IDs might be involved. A few missing on both sides of a join might multiply the number of rows.


That was helpful, thank you :smile:


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