Table Row to Variable Loop Start


This workflow demonstrates the usage of the 'Table Row to Variable Loop Start' node.

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I am down to another challenge that is popping out at me with Parameters.
I have a Form that produces a Orders Table.

I want to have the Orders Table provide the parameters using the Table Row to Variables Loop Start and Loop End.

The form will collect variables that will perform calculations to produce a Dataset. Each Row in the Table is to be a Parameter of 7 or more variables.
How does one set that up? I am looking at a example below that appears to have 1 parameter, but I need about 15.






The Table Row to Variables Loop Start node iterates over the rows in the input table one at at time. For each iteration, the Table Row to Variables Loop Start node generates as many flow variables as there are columns in the input table, and the names of these flow variables are the same as the column names. The values of the flow variables are the values in the row that is handled in the current iteration. In the loop body, you can perform calculations/transformations on these flow variable values. Please have a look at the workflow attached that demonstrates this.

I hope this answers your question. If not, keep asking!


Using_TableRows_as_FlowVariables_in_Loop_demo.knwf (15.7 KB)