Table Row to Variable / Missings

Good morining @all,
every thing is fine, if I have Columns with a missing within in a Row.
But, if I have a LIST only with missings “[?,?]”, I always get an error from Table Row to Variable Node.
Is there a way to make it work?
Thanks in advance, stay healthy,

Hello @MBoesing,

it’s a bug. Ticket is created. (AP-16238). Someone will update this topic once there is news about it.

As a workaround can you convert missing values to some other value. If numbers in list use -99 (or some other not used) or if string use empty. Would that work? Do you need missing values in your list at all? And how do you obtain list?


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Hi Ivan,
yes, the Workaround works, but I copied an older Version of this node, which is working.
I’m using a Java-Snippet for generating multiple SQL-Statements in different categories. In some cases, there are no Statements to build. DB SQL Executor executes the Statements, when a doorkeeper (java edit variable) enables the case start (variables) node.


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