“Table Row To Variable” variables not accessible - BUG

Reopening “Table row to variable” variables not accessible as I get into another similar problem.
I have a longint in my DB that I need to agregate and then reinject in a Column Expressions node or Math Formula node.
Therefore I am using a Table Row To Variable node.
At the output of that node, I get a variable with the correct value, although it is of the Integer type.
When I try to inject in the Column Expression node (same behaviour with Math Formula), the variable is not visible.


It is only visible when I convert the value to an integer before the Table Row To Variable node that I can see it. I am using a double to int node for this purpose (which was not obvious considering the node name BTW :wink:

Why does the Table Row to Variable node convert Longints into Integers, that are not actually Integers?
Is there a way to use longints flow variables as inputs to the Column Expressions node?

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If you look closely, you can see that the Table Row to Variable node properly converts the long Column to a long Flow Variable, but the letters i and l are difficult to distinguish.

The manipulator nodes simply seem to be unable to process long Flow Variables.
(The Java scripting nodes are also unable to process Path Flow Variables).

*I run AP 4.5.2

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