Table to HTML : Configure failed (NullPointerException): null

Dear users,
I have tried to create an HTLM report by using the Table to HTLM node. I have around 2'600 rows with chemical structures but when I have finished the configuration procedure, this error pops up in the console :
ERROR     Table to HTML                      Configure failed (NullPointerException): null

Some rows were containing empty values, so I have added a Missing value node to replace empty rows.  
Is it related to the Knime Preferences (referring to other posts in the Forum) ?
By the way, I am able to create xls or SDF file...

Thank you for your help


The destination file path was not correct....

Sorry for the post.



Same is the error faced by me but still not getting what excatly the issue behind it but still my HTML report not working properly. You can see it more here