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Is it possible to use table to HTML node to concatenate multiple table and other text information into a single pdf with page numbering?

Hi @ricc90,

I would approach your use case with the BIRT integration, which allows you to create reports inside of KNIME Analytics Platform and to generate them in many different file formats e.g., pdf. This page gives you a short introduction:

And to answer your question :slight_smile: I don’t see a way to create a pdf with multiple tables and text information by using the Table to HTML node.



You can render the HTML page using a browser and then “print” this into a PDF file. This can achieved using the Selenium Nodes:

Previous forum thread:


Hi, thank you. For the moment I’m working with the knime version 3.4 and I think these nodes are not available, when my company moves to the latest one I will try to use these nodes. But fortunately I found a workaround: I save single table as html files, then I parse them by merging their bodies. At the end I call an external program to convert from Html to PDF.

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Hi thank you, I tried to use BIRT reporting tool but unfortunately with complex and embedded workflows cannot solve my issues. Above in the other suggestion I shared my workaround to deal with merge of different html files produced with node Table To Html.

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Hi Riccardo,

we have in fact an older update site for 3.4 available (, but it’ll install an older version of the nodes, and thus (a) it will most likely not work with current browser versions, and (b) it does not yet contain the mentioned “Create PDF” node.

For any further questions once you upgrade to a newer KNIME version, don’t hesitate to get back!


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