Table to image

Dear friends!

May be this is the most ridiculous question ever on this forum.

I wonder if there’s a method to export table as image?

The best would be to have image of the table viewer (to have it formatted exactly as it is in the view) but likely this is absolutely impossible.

What’s the reason?
Often I need to share results of my workflows and everything works fine: text which is formatted as needed, images of graphs (not maps as open street map to image has limitations - sharing maps with just dots and areas is a rare task to me), but when it comes to good-looking analytical tables I have no choice but to make screenshots. Its not very comfortable and requires manual operations :frowning:

Wish you all the best,

@DmitryIvanov76 not sure if it will fit your needs but there is this

Then I think the BIRT report might be able to do such things, though I am not an expert:


Thank you very much! It appeared that I’m not the only one who is interested in this feature! :slight_smile:


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