Table to JSON not processing booleans properly

I'm just sorting out some JSON input for a web service in KNIME and I've discovered that the Table to JSON node is turning booleans into integers, i.e. 0s and 1s.

Any chance of fixing this?

Boolean true and false are valid JSON and most JSON parsers will turn a Java Boolean into a JSON boolean. 

In my case, my web service expects a boolean data type and will fail if it receiving an integer. I'm now going to have to edit the JSON before sending it to the service, which is a pain.

Update: OK, so it's not such a pain really. Turns out the JSON Transformer node makes it pretty easy. Not used that one before :)

Hi Rsherhod,

this is actually a small bug. We will fix this with our next bug fix release. Thank you for reporting it!

But I see you already found a workaround.

Cheers, Iris