table to PDF - in PDF - how to remove knime wateramark.. - Knime report powered by Birt

when i export table to PDF… in PDF I found watermark by knime - Knime report powered by Birt

how to remove it… my client don’t want that.

Is it possible in the server ??

Hi @navinjadhav

How do you generate this report, using the HTML to PDF node?

Best wishes, Iris

No , i didn’t … i used [table to PDF] - this i get from the extension . to get a table output as a report to sent … when i convert it into PDF at that time i get that msg in PDF.

Hi @navinjadhav,

it seems that the watermark is feature of the Table to PDF node. The feature is also the same on KNIME Server.

A work around is to use BIRT reporting to generate a PDF out of a BIRT report. There is an introductory walkthrough here in the blog. There also several examples among examples, for example a minimalistic use case:*tFnUT054gmCSU-x3

I hope this helps.

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