Table transformation

Hi there,

I would like to perform a simple operation but I don't manage without using a huge number of nodes ...


Below an example of the input table I have :

ID label1 label2 label3 ... label10
A xxx yyy zzz ... qqq
B ooo ppp      
C rrr ttt uuu    


I would like to obtain the following output table

ID label
A xxx
A yyy
A zzz
... ...
A qqq
B ooo
B ppp
C rrr
C ttt
C uuu


I would like to concatenate all columns "label#" to one column "label" and create a new line keeping the right ID. 

I think there is something to do with the Column rename regex, concatenate and loop nodes but I can't find what ...

If there is an expression to write in regex could you please write it (as I am a beginner ...).


Thank you in advance for you help !



Hi lexignot,

I will leave the office in a few seconds and will not be able to proof the following but after reading your lines it looks like a usecase for a chunk loop (process every row seperatly) with an unpivoting node within. Maybe with a RowID node somewhere in between or afterwards.


Hi stev-io,


thanks for your reply. Could you please be more precise as said I am a beginner ^^.


Thank you in advance !



Hi, have a look, I attached a sample.