Table validator - configure error when different column number


I read a file, add a column to match my wanted structure. Now I configure a table validator, specifying the columns I want to keep and the ones I don’t want, everything fine.

But when I link my file reader node to it, having the same structure minus 1 columns, it refuses to work. Error is : “Configure failed (ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException): 184 > 179”

Although I can make it work with one or two-columned tables, it doesn’t work when there are more columns. Which is a real pain : it shouldn’t crash because of input differences, it is supposed to check for such differences !!!

Any workaround ? I don’t mean just putting a column filter, I may miss some columns, and I have no way to know wich ones in advance. Checking table structure integrity should be a basis when working with such a piece of software, yet I don’t find much litterature about it online, strange.

Hello @mpranchere,

how does Table Validator configuration looks like? How about choosing option Deactivate first output port? Then you’ll get info what columns are missing and node won’t fail.


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