Table Validator Feedback.

Hi all,

I am starting to get back into heavy KNIME usage and notice a couple of small improvements that would be nice to see in the Table Validator node. Neither of these is urgent but I wanted to note them anyway.

  1. Manual column entry. There is a + icon but it looks like only a drop column. Is that correct? It would be nice to be able to manually specify columns. If the column is missing in your current execution state, there is no easy way to require it to be created (and be filled with missing values).

  2. A 4th option for managing unknown columns: do nothing. Should be easy to implement :wink:

Thanks for all the hard work and have a good one!


Hey Aaron,

thanks for the feedback. These are definitely reasonable points and very valuable to us.

I can’t make any promises, but hope we can address this soon.