Table Validator (Reference): Does not convert Into to Real


When using the Table Validator (Reference), I noticed that if I provide an input column of type Int, and have defined in the reference set it should be Double, and have the Table Validator configured to convert types:

Ints do NOT get converted. 

I found all other data types working properly.
Is this a bug or any reason for that?  


Dear Lorenz,

that is expected behavior as an integer column supports the same access methods as a double/real column. Any (downstream) node expecting a double/real column will also happily accept an integer column so no type-cast needed.

Hope that helps,



Thanks - helpful.

I ran into that issue mostly because we also output the workflow results in a strongly typed format - and consuming software (Spotfire in that case; using tibco file writer node and SBDF format) is not so 'forgiving' on type errors.

While I get that Knime is clever enough - I guess there is no drawback in enforcing exactly the type specification in the table validator node?