Table Validator


I’m looking for a way to validate table structures and have come across the Table Validator nodes but I’m not 100% sure how to use these nodes. If I have a column that needs to have a specific range of values, how can I specify what that range should be?

Does anybody have a usable example workflow on how to use these nodes?

Hi @Willem,

In general this node works like this:

  1. You connect a table that is valid.
  2. You add the columns to the configuration and select options to check for existence, data type and min&max (this is what you need)
  3. You select what should be done in the case of failure: Node should fail or it should pass the data to the second output port (e.g. for error handling)
  4. You close the dialog with ok; settings are saved
  5. Now when you connect a different table to it and execute, it will check the table.

You can find an example of how this node works here.


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