Table View (Labs) / Search method options

Dear all,

I am just playing with the Table View (Labs) node and would like to suggest the following additional options for the search (global and within columns)

  • for all string values: wildcard and/or regex search (e.g. "F?le* for a wildcard search)
  • for all numerical values: ranges of values and/or multiple ranges (e.g. [2,4], [6,10] > all values between 2 and 4 or between 6 and 10); a slider might also be an option…

So, just an idea, as today the filtering especially of numerical values is not very helpful as it does just a “string search”.

Perhaps the underlying library has something this already “on-board”.

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Hey Jürgen,

thank you for your feedback and these are all good and valid points.
I agree that a wildcard/regex search would be beneficial and I have created a feature request for it (internal reference UIEXT-681).
As for the filters: what we currently have is only a start, but you can think of a lot of different filter types also for other data types (calendar range for date&time for example). I agree that a number range or a slider would make a lot of sense and hopefully we soon find some time to implement it.

The underlying framework is one that we created ourselves, which means that it sadly does not yet provide these kind of filters, but gives us also the chance to implement these exactly as we would like them to be. We are also planning to open source the underlying table framework. In case there is interest in contributing I am also happy to share the repository.


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Hi Daniel,

Thank you very much for your reply with the background info.

I will stay tuned and hoping the best.

Best regards,


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