Table Writer Does Not Overwrite in ShareRoom


Not sure if this is a KNIME problem or a ShareRoom problem.  The XLS Writer has no problems overwriting a file with the same name in ShareRoom but the table writer node cannot.  The table writer node executes normally and is green, but the new file is not produced (and yes I have ticked the Overwrite tick box ). Has anyone else observed this phenomenon?


Hi Macca, 

That sounds a bit weird.  Could it be a refresh problem?  One way to check that the file is being created as intended would be to copy the URL from the writer into a subsequent reader and try bringing it back into KNIME.  If KNIME can raed the file back, I would expect the probleem is in ShareRoom and vice versa (assuming it is normally possible to read these files).



Hi Aaron

Writing a NEW file (Table Writer) is not a problem and reading (Table Reader) also works.  The problem is trying to OVERWRITE a table file that already exists.  The node (Table Writer, with overwrite check box ticked) goes from RED to GREEN, but the new file is not created. Reading the 'new' file in shows the old data (old file).  It is easy to see if a new file has been created in a ShareRoom as the file needs to be checked in manually before others have access.  This does not happen with the FILE WRITER node.  It is strange, basically KNIME "thinks" it has overwritten a file, but that is not the reality.  Does the TABLE WRITER have anyway of checking that a new file has been created?