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Hello! Has anyone looked into integrating KNIME Server to Tableau by using the Tableau Analytics Extensions? Analytics Extensions API ( This would enable using a Tableau dashboard as the interface for an interactive KNIME application.

Hi @pzkor

Did you happen to come across this page before?

Believe it contains some more background information about integration possibilities.

Thanks @ArjenEX. My question is not about pushing data from KNIME to Tableau by using the Tableau Extension in KNIME, but using Tableau’s Analytics Extensions to make API calls to KNIME Server from within calculated fields in Tableau.

Hi @pzkor ,

We are not able to assist with using the Tableau Platform, but you can make REST calls to KNIME Server through the swagger page.

Please see our blog here about making requests/ types of requests/ and format for requesting data from KNIME Server: The KNIME Server REST API | KNIME

If you are able to make REST calls from Tableau’s Analytics Extension than what you are asking should work.

Please let us know if you have any further questions after reviewing our documentation.


Well, you could consider collaborating with Tableau and developing a dedicated KNIME Server extension.

I did have another question. Can I disable the response page of a KNIME Server API call altogether?

Hello @pzkor ,

I can see that you started an other thread Disable Server API response, so please follow up there about your last question.


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