Tableau Hyper file reader - Can i without going into dev mode?

Hi Folks

So off a question posted yesterday

I thought i would give a crack at create a hyper file reader.
Initially i wanted to see if i can do this without having to go full dev mode.
The hyper api libraries are made available in knime once you download the tableau extension, which means from a java perspective a reader should not be a taxing thing.

My theory was i could use the java snippet to use the hyper api, read in the file and output the table. This came to a crashing hault when i realised the java snippet node works row by row, so… this isn’t going to work.

I could go down the python route, however this necessitates for other users to have a python env ready (which doesn’t come ‘pre-laoded’ with Knime) so the installation steps would be generally too taxing (i’m thinking non coding business users working on corporate hardware with limited admin capability).

so this is now pointing me to go full dev route… (am i ready to climb that mountain? :grimacing:)

Before i do, i wondered if the hive mind might have another non dev route possibility?




Hi @Gavin_Attard -

Off the top of my head, I’m not sure, but I’m certainly no Java expert. Let me ask internally. It may be that we need to supplement our existing Tableau nodes with a hyper reader in addition to the existing writer.

Thanks Scott,

Ye the tableau nodes do need a hyper reader. Looking at the Hyper API documentation it should be relatively easy to write, hence why i thought it would make a good project for me to dip my toes in Extension writing in Knime.

I think to be able to do this without going into the knime sdk we would need a java snippet version that is not serialised (if i got the nomenclature right??? basically works like the python node…) I think someone brought this up in another thread.

I managed to set up the Knime SDK and am working my way through the numberformatter example.

I have an additional question i posted in the dev category as to where the knime tableau extension is located so i could extend that, rather than create it in isolation.

Alternatively though, i can create and send source code to knime for validation and inclusion, either way brain is hurting which means i must be doing something right…


Heh, I find lately my brain is hurting more and more often :slight_smile:

Quick note - we actually do have a ticket in the system (internal : AP-14789) to implement a Hyper reader. No ETA on that - and I don’t want to discourage you from your project to learn the SDK! - but wanted you to know we’re thinking about it too.


That’s good news, not discouraging at all, will have a crack nonetheless

@CEbersbach - note above re hyper reader.


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