Tableau Node "Send to Server" error


I was able to get the Tableau integration working for the "Tableau Writer" node, in addition I have been able to get the "Send to Server" node to work for a specified SiteID, I have access to.  However I cannot get the "Send to Tableau Sever" module to work with the default site.  

In the node description it says "The site ID. Pass an empty string to connect to the default site. " however when I attempt to do this the dialog box appears and states "Invalid Settings: SiteID must not be empty".  I attempted to pass it a null varialbe, but KNIME didn't allow a null variable and the SiteID also spit out an error.  I have also tried "Default" & "default" for the default site ID but that did not work either.

Can anyone help connect to the default site?



I think that can be considered a bug. We have changed the code so that it will also accept blank SiteIDs starting 3.2.1 (due end of this week).

- Bernd