TableRow to Variable Loop - loop-end problem


I wanted to generate a KNIME workflow that reads in multiple sd files, calculates some similarity and writes out new sd files.

I started this with a "List Files" node, that gets all the files I need. Then I attached a "TableRow To Variable" node, which is connected to an "SDF Reader" node.

Afterwards, I compare the sd file with a SMILES code ("SMILES input" node) using the "Most Similar Molecule(s)" node (MOE node). The output is linked to an SDF Writer. Additionally I connected the "Most Similar Molecule(s)" node with the "Java Edit Variable (simple)" node to get a proper name for the output file --> this node is also connected to the "SDF Writer", via Flow Variable Ports.

Until this part everything works fine - so if I only would have one SD file I would have no problem. 

However, I attached the "Most Similar Molecule(s)" node to a "Loop End" node and also connected the "SDF Writer" via Flow Variable ports with the "Loop End".

Now, when I want to execute the workflow, I always get the error mesage: "Encountered loop-end without corresponding head!

I already tried different loop ends: "Loop End (Column Append)", "Variable Loop End" - but nothing works. 

Any suggestions?

Thank you, Freya

Not encountered that specific error but occasionaly putting the nodes that should run within the loop inside a meta node fixes some issues for me. Maybe worth a try?



collapsing the nodes within the loop into a meta node also did not solve the problem.

However, I encountered a warning message, when I start the loop, which is:

"WARN TableROW to Variable Table has 24 rows, ignored all rows except the first one"

Can this have something to do with my problem???

Table row to variable only ever takes the first row values.

if you want all values to be used, then use the table row to variable loop start node.



Ah sorry, I didn't read carefully enough. As Simon said below you are using the wrong node if you want to do a loop over all the columns.





wow thanks! it was that easy...

i did not really realize, that there were two nodes with such similar names...

thanks again!