TableRow To Variable Node: Why only 1 row?

Hi All

I am trying to define more than one row as a variable and then use the “VaribleBaed File Reader” node.  Of course the “TableRow To Variable” node by definition can only use a single row.  Does anybody have and ideas for a workaround for this problem?

I hope someone can help.


Well you have the Tablerow to Variable Loop Start node which will take each row at a time and convert to a variable, which you complete the loop with a Loop End.


Thanks Simon,

But I tried to place a "Variable Based File Reader" in between Variable Loop Start node and the loop end, but it only reads the last row and does not store the information from each iteration separately.  Do you have any more advice?

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Hi Stephen,

Without seeing your workflow, I am not sure what might be going wrong (what you describe sounds ok...)

I must confess, I have never really got on with the Variable-Based File Reader (I tend to see an error like "Invalid Settings - File Analysis Currently Running" when I try to set it up...).  I tend to just use the File Reader node with the flow variable in port connected to the Table Row To Variable Loop Start flow out port - might be worth seeing if you have any more luck with this approach(?)

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Hi James,

I've been trying to build a quick workflow with "TableRow to Variable Loop Start" connected to the in variable port of a "File Reader". However, when trying to configure the latest, I systematically get the error: "Invalid settings: File analysis currently running. Please wait for it to finish, check the settings, and click OK or Apply again."

Can you assist?



Hi Georges,

Pretty good-going to resurrect this thread after > 2 yrs!  : )


I would recommend the following:

  1. point the File Reader at a 'dummy' file - anything will do
  2. Once the file reader is happy to read the dummy file, it will also be happy to show its 'DataURL' variable in the Flow Variables tab
  3. Now join your Tablerow to Variable loop start node to your File Reader node
  4. and now configure the File Reader node to use the incoming variable as the DataURL


Depending on the file content and what you want to do afterwards, you could also have a look at the Vernalis "Load text-based files" node (community contribution, and shameless self-publicity!).  I have attached a workflow that hopefully demonstrates these points.


Kind regards