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There are a lot many entries in the Tag Filter node like Pharma, Sentiment etc that don’t seem to have counterparts in any Tagging nodes.Which are the Taggers that work with these filters? Abner for pharma? Or do we need dictionary tagging all the time?

Thank you for your question. The Tag Filter node and its description indeed do not provide a lot of information about the different tag types. KNIME offers a lot of different tagger nodes which assign different tags. Normally, you first use one of the different tagger nodes and assign tags to your terms before you filter them. These tagger nodes should contain all the information you need. E.g. if you use the Stanford Tagger node, you see all available tag sets in the node description.

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In the POS Tagger node description I found this link to Penn Treebank.

There I found all the part-of-speech tags and their descriptions. Once we determine which tags to keep, then filtering can be dong using “Tag filter” node. I am still working with it, but hopefully this is the right way to go about it.

I am guessing it might be similar for other types of tags that you mentioned (Pharma, Sentiment, etc.)

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